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Modern companies face 4 key challeneges


Organizations want a
culture that drives ownership, execution and keeps employees fulfilled.


Recovering from your top talent leaving is one of the most painful processes a high-growth company can go through


Organizational visibility drives collaboration. To achieve hyper-growth, teams need to be highly collaborative and stay coherent towards the bigger goals


employess drive your biggest wins. Yet, most organizations fail to effectively manage their performance.

Unfortunately traditional tools are not built to support hypergrowth

HRMS Solutions

HRMS are not built for modern cross-functional teams. They are best suited for set and forget goals, and periodic form filling - Serving as a system of information and not action.

Standalone Performance Managment

Standalone performance management tools fail due to the lack of relevant data and insights about an employees performance. Performance data is in multiple disjointed arms, teams see no real use of it leading to very poor adoption.

OKR Only Tools

The biggest draw back of OKR only tools is that they don’t scale beyond 2-3 levels of the organization leading to very high churn. On top of that just 4 different standalone tools for managing performance just confuses and overwhelms employees.

Legacy PM Solutions

Dated performance management solutions like sheets, forms and docs are simply put not scalable for the use case of a modern high-growth company, they are time-consuming and heavily promote recency bias.

Mesh is answer to modern performance management

Manage Goals and OKRs

Plan company wide goals on Mesh in the fastest way possible. Provide the much needed visibility to the entire organization on your most audacious goals in your hyper-growth journey.

Configurable Performance Reviews

Ditch the old-age dreaded employee review and switch to real-time performance reviews with intelligent form filling configured to your organizations needs - find out what’s wrong before it’s too late.

Manager 1:1s

Have conversations that drive coaching and development. Customize your 1:1 frequency as per your needs and build on past conversations with configurable talking points and action items asynchronously - build a culture that lasts.


Boost engagement with timely feedback, employees today need more than monetary incentives. They demand real time feedback and don't want to wait till the end of the assessment cycle

The best hyper-growth companies use Mesh

Integrate with your most important tools

Mesh has helped us scale OKRs from a small group of leaders using google sheets to entire ShareChat. We scaled to 3x the number of OKRs and owners in one quarter. Conducting check-ins and reviews now takes half the amount of time. The performance review module is great too. Helps drive more transparent assessments.

COO & Co-founder, ShareChat

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