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People Leaders Club (PLC) is a curated and exclusive Slack community for people leaders and HR professionals. Join today to discuss hot topics in HR, share your perspective, and connect with other members.

Please go through the “Get Started" and “Code of Conduct" before joining the community to make the best of your membership.

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Community Highlights

We’ve got channels

Join a range of curated channels covering everything from recruiting to culture. Slackbot will automatically add you to some of the channels when you first join the community..

We try to cover everything that matters to people ops and HR people. But you can suggest a channel if you wish to see that in the community.

Get Started

People Leaders Club is a Slack community. Slack is a modern team communication platform with private chats, group discussions, and video calling. If you do not use Slack, please click here to learn more before starting.

Fill out the form
People Leaders Club is an HR-only community. We verify each subscription request manually to ensure the community is free of spam. Are you a people leader or an HR professional? Fill out this form to join.
Complete your profile
Once the admins verify your HR role and approve your joining request, please sign in or sign up for Slack and complete your profile. We recommend adding your profile picture.
Introduce yourself
After finishing your profile, please introduce yourself in the #intro channel. We recommend telling about your background, where you work, and the topics that interest you the most.
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Always stay in the know by turning on your Slack notifications for People Leaders Club.

Code of Conduct

You must follow specific rules and policies to maintain a safe and pleasant experience on People Leaders Club.

We are a community of professional HR people, and these guidelines help us prevent improper conduct. Admins review unprofessional behavior and may remove the members who violated the policies.

Respect others
We expect members to respect each other. People Leaders Club community is about sharing, connecting, and supporting each other. We don't tolerate discrimination, bullying, or any form of microaggression.
Engage with the community
We urge every member to ask meaningful questions, answer questions asked by other members, and share their experiences. Your participation makes this community a helpful and welcoming space.
Do not spam
We request members to use this Slack community for connecting with HR leaders and people ops experts. Please do not use this space for selling or generating leads. If a member finds another doing such things, please notify an admin.
No outside sharing
People Leaders Club is a private space for people ops and HR leaders to connect, share, and network. Please do not share anything from the community with the outside world.


What is People Leaders Club?
People Leaders Club is a Slack community for people operations and human resources professionals. In these channels, you can ask questions, share your experience, and discover valuable insights.
Who moderates the community?
Community admins moderate the community. Gaurav Chaubey (Co-Founder, Mesh) is the community manager.
How to join the PLC community?
People Leaders Club is an exclusive community for people ops and HR professionals. We keep the group private and add members after manual vetting. You can fill out this form to join.
How can I invite a friend to PLC?
If you believe a friend of yours will be an excellent addition to the community, please have them fill this form to join.
I didn't receive any response
We vet each applicant manually. Please wait for a couple of days, and you will have your invite.
How to add PLC to my Slack?
After we've approved your join request, you can follow these instructions to add PLC to your Slack.
How to update my email in Slack?
Please follow these instructions.
How can I get support?
If you still have questions, you can contact our admins at community@mesh.ai, and we will help you out.

We've created PLC to provide people leaders and HR professionals a safe space to ask questions, swap knowledge, and network without the noise of social platforms.

Here you will get to discover best practices, new trends, and new learning opportunities.

Join today to participate in the conversations that matter to you.

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