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1:1 Questions to Drive Appreciation & Recognition

Timely recognition and appreciation are the biggest drivers to keep your team engaged. But how do you surface meaningful points of positive feedback, and turn it into a recurring habit?

This template arms you with the questions you need to prompt the right conversations and surface the “wow” moments within your team. 

You need this template if:

1. You know your team does great work, but aren’t proactively telling them that.

2. At least 30% of your team hasn't been appreciated for their in the last 14 days.

3. You feel like even your high performers sometimes feel burnt out and undervalued.

4. You haven’t set up a formal Employee Recognition process.

📥Make the most out of your 1:1s by downloading this handy repository of questions that helps you recognize your team for going the extra mile and increase your team’s morale and collaboration. 

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