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The 7 Best OKR Software to Aid Your Company’s Growth

Akshit Dangi

Harmonizing your company objectives with departmental and individual goals can be challenging, especially in large organizations. However, people across different industries are striving to achieve that alignment. In fact, as of 2022, nearly 60% of companies have embraced OKRs to facilitate this process.

The thing is—managing OKRs manually can be time-consuming and challenging. This is where picking a good OKR software can make a big difference in streamlining your OKR process, making it easier to set, track, and achieve goals.

Let’s take a look at some of the top OKR tools available and review how they can benefit your organization.

1. Mesh

Mesh is an intuitive and affordable OKR management tool that helps businesses of all sizes achieve their objectives. Its easy-to-use interface allows users to set, track, and measure their goals and key results while ensuring that all objectives align with the organization's overall mission.

One of Mesh's standout features is "Mesh Recommends," which provides data-driven insights and suggests specific actions to help users achieve their objectives. This feature saves time and effort while ensuring that you and your team are effectively pursuing your OKRs.

Mesh is an excellent choice for businesses looking for a comprehensive and user-friendly OKR management tool that can help drive their success. Coming in at a competitive price, it’s an ideal option for small and medium-sized businesses looking to streamline their goal-setting process.

What’s the price, you ask? Everything Mesh does comes at the price of a coffee - that’s $4 per user per month. So, if you’re interested in everything Mesh brings to the table, book a demo with us to get started.

2. ClickUp

ClickUp is an all-in-one project management tool offering reliable OKR management features. Its customizable dashboards enable managers to track progress against OKRs and other project metrics in real-time, facilitating effective decision-making and goal alignment. 

ClickUp also offers extensive task management capabilities, making it easy for teams to break down their OKRs into manageable tasks and track progress toward their goals. ClickUp's personal goal-setting feature allows individuals to set and track their own and team goals.

Its user-friendly interface and intuitive navigation make it an excellent choice for organizations of all sizes, particularly those needing a versatile tool to handle the project and OKR management.

Pricing: Free personal account, starts at $9.00/employee/month for organizations

3. Profit.Co

Profit is a cloud-based OKR management tool that helps businesses align their goals with measurable outcomes. With Profit, teams can set goals, track progress, and communicate effectively to achieve their objectives.

The tool's real-time dashboard provides visibility into individual and team performance, making it easy to track progress and adjust goals as needed. Profit's features include customizable OKR templates, collaboration tools, and integrations with other popular business software.

It's a good choice for small and medium-sized businesses looking for an affordable and user-friendly OKR tool. Profit is also ideal for remote teams, with its built-in communication tools allowing for seamless collaboration regardless of location.

Pricing: Free personal account, starts at $7.00/employee/month for organizations

4. BetterWorks

Betterworks is a cloud-based performance management platform that helps organizations set, track, and achieve their objectives and key results (OKRs). It offers features such as goal-setting, progress tracking, and continuous feedback to help managers and employees stay aligned and accountable.

Betterworks enables managers to set individual, team, and company-wide goals and track progress in real-time. Its solid analytics and reporting tools provide insights into team and individual performance, enabling managers to make data-driven decisions.

What sets Betterworks apart is its continuous feedback and recognition features, which allow managers and employees to provide feedback and recognition in real time, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and growth.

Betterworks is a goodn excellent choice for organizations looking for an intuitive and user-friendly OKR management tool to help drive growth and success while fostering a culture of transparency and continuous improvement.

Pricing: Subscription based on organization size

5. PeopleBox

Peoplebox is an OKR management tool designed to help businesses align their teams with company goals and objectives. With Peoplebox, managers can set SMART goals, track progress, and provide employee feedback.

One of Peoplebox's unique features is its AI-based coaching and mentorship program, which provides personalized guidance and feedback to help employees achieve their goals. Additionally, Peoplebox enables managers to create custom review templates, 360-degree feedback, and pulse surveys to gather feedback from team members.

Peoplebox is a superb choice for businesses of all sizes looking to improve employee engagement, track goal progress, and drive organizational success. Its AI-based coaching and mentorship program make it an ideal tool for businesses that prioritize ongoing development and growth for their employees.

Pricing: Starts at $6.00/employee/month

6. Mooncamp

Mooncamp is an OKR management tool designed to help organizations set, track, and achieve their objectives. Its user-friendly interface allows businesses to set up goals, track progress, and monitor performance at the individual and team levels. Mooncamp's features include customizable goal templates, real-time progress tracking, and insights into employee performance.

One standout feature of Mooncamp is its simplicity, making it an excellent option for smaller businesses or teams looking for an easy-to-use OKR management tool. However, larger businesses can benefit from Mooncamp's scalability and strong reporting capabilities.

Mooncamp is also highly customizable, allowing organizations to tailor the platform to their unique needs. Overall, Mooncamp is a good choice for businesses looking for a straightforward and customizable OKR management tool to help them achieve their goals.

Pricing: Starts at $6.00/employee/month

7. 15Five

15Five is an employee performance management software that provides fantastic OKR capabilities. Its intuitive and customizable platform allows organizations to effectively set and track their objectives and key results.

15Five's OKR management tools come with features such as progress tracking, real-time updates, and automatic reminders, making monitoring the progress of the objectives and key results easy.

What sets 15Five apart, though, is its user-friendly interface and its emphasis on employee engagement and performance. Its tools prioritize regular communication and feedback, promoting a culture of continuous improvement.

15Five is ideal for organizations prioritizing employee growth, development, and performance management. Its customizable and scalable platform can accommodate the needs of small and large organizations alike.

Pricing: Starts at $4.00/employee/month

How to choose the best OKR tool for your organization

Phew! That was quite the list, wasn't it? Our rundown of the top seven OKR software has given you a good starting point for selecting the right tool for your organization. But with so many options, how do you choose the best OKR tool for your unique needs?

Well, let’s find out.

Identify your needs

Before choosing an OKR tool, identify what you want to achieve with it. Different organizations have unique needs; understanding them is essential to pick the right tool. Some tools focus on goal-setting, while others offer 360-degree feedback or employee recognition features.

Consider ease of use

A tool that is not user-friendly can lead to frustration and hinder its adoption. Consider choosing a tool that is easy to use and has a simple and intuitive interface. Look for tools that offer helpful guides or tutorials to make the onboarding process easier.

Evaluate customization options

Customization is vital when it comes to OKRs. Choose a tool that allows for customizable templates and goals to fit your organization's unique needs. Customization options help align individual goals with organizational objectives and increase employee engagement.

Check for compatibility

Ensure that your OKR tool is compatible with your existing software and systems. Incompatibilities can lead to data loss and make the integration process cumbersome.

Look for data security features

OKR data contains sensitive and confidential information. Choosing a tool that provides strong data security features to protect your organization's sensitive information is crucial. Look for tools that offer features like data encryption, multi-factor authentication, and role-based access controls.

Consider pricing

The cost of an OKR tool can vary widely, and choosing a tool that fits your organization's budget is essential. Look for tools that offer transparent pricing and don't have any hidden costs.

Seek customer support

No tool is perfect, and you may face issues that need customer support. Look for reliable customer support tools like email, phone, or chat support. Consider reading online reviews to understand a tool's customer support quality and response time.

Empower Your Organization with the Right OKR Management Tool

As a manager or team leader, you want to ensure that your team is working towards common goals and achieving results. By using OKRs and investing in a good OKR management tool, you can ensure that your team is aligned, focused, and driving toward success.

Each of the top OKR management tools we covered in this guide provides specialized features and functionalities to help your team achieve its objectives. Each tool has its unique strengths, making it suitable for different types of organizations and teams.

By considering factors such as customization, ease of use, data security, and pricing, you can select the right OKR tool that meets your organization's specific needs.

Remember, selecting the right OKR tool is just the first step. It's also essential to communicate your organization's goals effectively, measure progress regularly, and provide timely feedback and support.

With the right tools and processes in place, you can create a culture of excellence that drives success and empowers your team to achieve their full potential.

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