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Deliver 22% Higher On
Your OKRs.

Enable higher goal completion with continuous performance management.

Driven by visible progress and personalized nudges, not process compliance

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Hyper-growth companies trust Mesh

Stop Tracking, Start Driving

Fuel OKR completion with conversations, feedback & recognition

Steer your 1:1s to be development oriented by setting agendas and action items so your teams can truly excel on their goals and be 3x more engaged


Openly reward brilliance against your goals and propel a culture of public praise to reinforce behaviours.

Set your team up for success.

Instill company vision across teams

Super Fast Implementation

Setup goals & OKRs for your teams in minutes on Mesh. Need a hand identifying the right OKRs or mapping them across teams? We've got you covered.

Transparent Goals

Mesh makes cross team & cross functional collaboration easier than ever before. Create transparent goals and leave it to Mesh to drive accountability across teams.

Nudge Processes

Execute goals through smaller milestones and initiatives. Employees get visibiity for their on-going efforts and managers can provide timely inputs for course correction.

Fully Configurable

The days of force fitting tools and workflows are gone. With custom goals & OKRs unique to your Organization - supports & enhances the way you work.

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Integrate with your everyday tools

Dedicated customer success team for all your needs
Want to design OKRs? Want to integrate? Need a playbook?

We are always on & never AFK.

Loved by hyper-growth companies.

Mesh is a very powerful tool and its biggest benefit is bringing transparency and visibility to the company. What we at Pipefy most appreciate about Mesh is that it allows us to have a 360 evaluation of our employees very accurately, due to both goal management and performance evaluation being housed under the same tool.

Cayo Lujan
Corporate Planning, Pipefy, Inc.

"Unlike traditional HRMS based modules for performance and feedback, Mesh helps HR teams focus on strategic action rather than spending most of their time administering the performance process. The data collected is based on employee action and not form filling, which measures the real ROI of HR investments i.e. whether or not desired change is visible to others!"

Rahul Kandhal
HR Business Leader, GSK

"Mesh saves us lots of time during performance reviews as well as ongoing check-ins. It's highly customizable and user friendly. The rollout was fast and easy, even though our requirements varied from one part of the organization to the other."

Siju Chacko
HR Leader, ShareChat

High-growth brands who trust Mesh for their people.

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