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Via our universal API provider, Mesh connects with every HRIS of today!

Driven by visible progress and personalized nudges, not process compliance

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Implement and use Mesh parallely with your HRIS

Mesh is not a replacement for your HRIS. Hence, we ensure that your HRIS connects seamlessly with Mesh without any technical help required from your end.

The integration eliminates the need for manual interventions in keeping the employee data updated

With the Mesh-HRIS integration, any new employee addition or deletion on your HRIS will get promptly reflected on your Mesh dashboard without the need to add/ remove them manually.

A simple 2-click process and your authorization is all that’s needed for a successful integration

Go to the HRIS plugin on your dashboard, select your HRIS and provide the authorization credentials for a successful connection. In no time, you’ll have the two systems seamlessly speaking to each other.

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Mesh is revolutionizing the way people work and communicate

The performance management module of Mesh is very simple to use and can be adapted to your unique needs. We especially love how different modules are connected to each other and the ease with which calibrations and performance reviews can be conducted on it. The tool helps save us a lot of time in all the administrative work.

Bayudi Ramadani
Organizational Development, Kitabisa

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