Quick and easy access

Mesh’s Gmail Chrome extension makes sharing feedback super accessible and seamlessly integrates into your day-to-day workflow. This allows feedback to be more forward-looking, with a focus on coaching for constant employee development. Frequent and continuous feedback gives your team members a sense of purpose, drives engagement, and motivates them to deliver high performance.

Stay on top of goals

The main purpose of your email threads is to achieve some milestones towards your goals. With the Mesh Gmail integration, you can easily update a goal’s progress the moment you receive some information without ever leaving Gmail. This ensures you and your company are always aware of your progress and achievements which helps drive visibility and creates happier teams that feel seen.

Grow a culture of feedback

With Mesh’s Gmail Chrome extension you can share or request feedback the moment you receive an email. This ensures that every additional comment is recorded in the moment and no vital information is ever lost. Visibility settings for feedback can be either public or private which motivates people to make improvements, or keep up the great work without feeling they’ve been put on the spot.

Easy access

Faster and easier access to all your team updates and wins with Mesh's Teams integration.

Smooth Navigation

Move between your tabs, tasks and goals seamlessly to find what you need.

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