MS Teams

A real-time view for all your team updates

Through the integration, managers can quickly look at all the tasks and goals the team members are to deliver on, track & comment on the delayed deliverables and modify the timelines, objectives or status updates, all from the same screen.

View your goals & seamlessly collaborate on them

Manage all your goals, tasks and collaborators at a single place without ever having to leave your Teams app. Using pre-defined shortcuts, create tasks and goals, tag collaborators, update deadlines, share appreciation, and much more without ever switching out from your flow of work.

Share & receive feedback on the go

Mesh's Teams integration makes it insanely easy to share & receive feedback and even see the status of the pending ones, all at the click of a button. Additionally, make use of the privacy settings to have an end-to-end control over your feedback.

Easy access

Faster and easier access to all your team updates and wins with Mesh's Teams integration.

Smooth Navigation

Move between your tabs, tasks and goals seamlessly to find what you need.

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