Slack Integration

Quick and easy access

Most companies prefer slack for all their work related communication, so we’ve weaved Mesh into your flow of work with our Slack integration. Our two-way Slack integration makes sure that share and receive updates to and from Mesh in a an easy and natural form of communication that you’re most used to!

Increased visibility for your goals

Using the Slack integration you can send and receive updates related to your goals to specific Slack channels and ensure that everyone is notified of any changes or progress. Using shortcuts you’re already used to, you can create tasks and goals, tag collaborators, update deadlines, share feedback and appreciation all in the your regular flow of work!

Increase recognition and appreciation

Using the Slack integration, the full team gets to know about wins like goal completion on designated slack channels. Celebrate each other’s successes by showing real-time appreciation and create a culture that keeps your people motivated!

Easy access

Faster and easier access to all your team updates and wins with Mesh's Teams integration.

Smooth Navigation

Move between your tabs, tasks and goals seamlessly to find what you need.

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