Accessing Reviews and Summary

Once a manager has completed their review, the results of the review will be present on the Active Reviews section under the Reviews module. To access it, just simply click on “View Result”.

Now there are three parts to this section,

  • Overall Performance Rating

    This is simply the final average rating of all the reviews received by the concerned reportee including self, peer(s) as well as the manager.

  • Spider Chart

    The spider chart is an intuitive graphical representation of an employee’s assessment on the organizational core competencies/ objectives. It takes the average value of the reviews of self, peer(s) and manager and plots the three average ratings individually, making it easy to compare the different evaluations.

    In the chart below, things such as “We over me” and “Just Do It” are the organization’s core competencies/ objectives upon which the evaluation has been done. For example, when it comes to “Customer Obsession” the employee rates himself lower than what his manager thinks of him, but similar to how his peers evaluate him.

  • The detailed review

    This is the place to see the detailed review filled by everyone for any employee and would appear as below. 

This is further divided into 3 sub-sections (the same that are required to be filled in while writing the review),

Goal review
is for checking the ratings assessment and comments given by reviewers for a reviewee’s specific goals. The progress seen here corresponding to the goals is picked directly from the system. 

Competency Review
is to see what the reviewers think of a reviewee’s proficiency level (pre-defined by the admin) for every Competency/ Objective and additional comments, if any. 

And Overall Questions consists of answers to the standard 3 questions of things an employee should start doing, should continue to do and should stop doing.

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