Role-based Competencies

Competencies are core directives specific to every organization where each competency is defined as a set of skills and general approach towards work that every employee should reflect. 

On Mesh, competencies are a means of identifying employees who consistently exuberate such traits and attributes and not only publicly recognize them but also showcase to others on how to lead the way.

On your Mesh dashboard, 

Go to Settings >> Feedback >> Competencies

This is the place where all your competencies will be listed along with their descriptions.

Creating competencies on Mesh is very simple. All you have to do is,

Click on Create Competency at the top right corner. A new blank row will appear at the bottom of the table with 3 designated fields for #tag (Competency Name), Roles and Description.

The primary thing to be mindful of here is Roles. The admins and managers of different teams will set competencies from here, a lot of times for their respective teams only, or maybe even for certain grades of employees only. Hence, make sure that while creating a new competency, the right department and employee level is selected so that team members can be accessed according to their team specific competencies. 

You can also edit any competency by simply clicking on them and updating the respective field and for deletion, by just clicking on the blue bin icon at the far right.

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