Conducting 1:1s with your direct reports

Once you’re on the 1:1 module on the Mesh dashboard, the first thing you’ll see is the total number of upcoming and completed 1:1s for you. This is the same section from where you can also,

1 - Add new 1:1s 

2 - Check your 1:1 schedule 

Scrolling further below, you’ll come across all your pending reviews, for both your manager as well as your reportees, arranged in a card format. Along with the reportee/ manager name, the cards also outline the number of completed 1:1s and the timelines for the 1:1s. Only difference being the designated “manager” for managers.

Click on Start (or Continue in case a 1:1 is already in progress) to begin the process. 

Now, before starting a 1:1, you can click on the “1:1s completed” and look at all your 1:1s in a single screen. A very important step here is that you can download your schedule from the dashboard here and import it in your calendar to remin you of your sessions.

Moving forward, there are 4 parts to the 1:1 section.

  1. Sentiment

    The sentiment question is only available to the reportees to showcase how they’re feeling at the given moment and can only be filled by going to their respective manager’s card. This is helpful for the manager to understand the employee’s sentiment to have further coaching conversations with them.

  1. Agenda

    Though not mandatory, you can add agenda items from this section, to be discussed to your 1:1. These agenda items are nothing but simple notes to guide the direction of your sessions.

  1. Standard Template

    This section comprises questions as per the template (built by the admins) selected from the My Preferences section under settings. You can add comments to these questions as per the stipulated answer type. 

    A very important part about this section is you can view the entire history of comments exchanged for the particular question by clicking on “show all comments” at the side of every comment box.

  1. Action Items

    Lastly, action items or tasks are tangible deliverables that reportees can track and deliver on. Just specify the name of the deliverable, collaborators (if any) and deadline (optional) for the task, which will then sit on the task panel as well.

Along with the 1:1 panel, Mesh makes it easier for managers to check on the overall performance of their reportees via the Tasks, Goals & Feedback panel on the right hand side.

Finally, once a session is done even though the reportee can mark the session as complete, it wouldn’t still be counted as a completed session until and unless the manager marks it complete.

Further, you can also access your 1:1s from the Mesh List on the dashboard, by going to 1:1 on it. Here you'll find the list of all your 1:1s (upcoming as well as delayed) and by clicking on them, you'll get redirected to the precise instance under the main 1:1 module.

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