Creating/ cascading Goals/ OKRs for Team Members

Goals/ OKRs are something predominantly used by employees to keep a track of their responsibilities. As a result, the kind of Goals/ OKRs interactions available to Managers are slightly different and more advanced.

For managers, Team Hub is the primary section that will facilitate most of their interactions with their team members. As a manager, you could be a part of more than 1 team; hence, the Team Hub dropdown is how you can navigate between different teams. 

As a manager, while you’ve the privilege of going to any of your team member’s profile from any part of your dashboard for creating their Goals/ OKRs, let’s look at how you can do that directly from the Team Hub. 

Step 1: Click on the Team Hub and make sure you’re in the right team pod.

Step 2: Under this, the default section will be “Tasks”. Toggle to “Goals”. Here you have 3 types of views available to you,

  • Card View
  • List View
  • Tree View

For managers, one of the biggest benefits of Team Hub is that they can quickly sort all the team-wide Goals as per their status (On-Track, Off-Track, At-Risk, Closed) and focus on the most pressing need, for example, Goals that are Off-Track or At-Risk.

Let’s look at the three view types and how, as a manager, you can use each view to keep a track of your team members’ Goals and objectives.

Card view

The card view offers managers a single screen to look at all the Goals of every team member, stacked horizontally. Apart from the profile picture, name and designation of every team member, these cards allow managers to create Goals for everyone on their team and also contain details of the respective employee’s past Goals. These details include,

  • Status of every Goal (On-Track, Off-Track, At-Risk, Closed)
  • Goal Progression (denoted in percentage)
  • Collaborators (if any) for every Goal

List view

Unlike the Card View, which is sorted on the basis of team members, the List View is sorted as per Goals. This section has 4 aspects,

  • Goal Name
  • Objective
  • Team (Goal Owner/ Collaborator)
  • Progress

While Goals can’t be created from the List View, the best part about it is its “Goal Cascading” feature. Through this, a manager can create team or individual-level goals cascading down from the topmost strategic goals set by the leadership. Apart from cascading, the List View also offers all the other options, available to you at the “Goal Creation” time.

Tree view

The Tree View is helpful for looking at the Goals top-down, as they relate to organization-wide objectives, like a mind map. It provides a supremely easy and quick way for managers to look at the larger objectives and its entire hierarchy of sub-objectives, Goals as well as cascaded Goals.   

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