Creating Goals/ OKRs

Goals/ OKRs help you stay on track of all your deliverables, enabling you as well as your manager, to keep a close eye on your progress. This is important for you to stay on top of your responsibilities and help you optimise for efficiency and productivity.

Here’s how you can go about creating Goals in Mesh.

Step 1: On the Mesh homepage, go to Mesh list (the panel on the right side) and toggle to the Goals part.

Step 2: Click on “Create new goal” (plus icon) on the top of the Mesh list. This will open a new window from the right-hand side for setting up your goal.

Step 3: Key result to be achieved…  

This could be either the title/ name of your Goal or a Key result you wish to achieve. Common examples could include, write 10 articles or hire 3 engineers or conduct 2 webinars. 

Step 4: Enter target 

This will be a numeric value, corresponding to the outcome of your Goal. Taking the above examples again, the Target value could be, 10, 3 or 2.

Step 5: Select measure

Select a measure of how you wish to evaluate your Target value.

  • ₹: When the outcome of your Goal is to be in the terms of monetary value. For example, if you wish to decrease your operational expenses by 50,000 ₹ every quarter.
  • %: When the outcome of your Goal is to be in percentage terms. For example, if you wish to increase the conversion rate of your demo form by 10%.
  • #: When the outcome of your Goal is to be in units. For example, making 10 social posts for the week.

Step 6: Starting

While the Starting value will almost always be 0 (default), the way the system works is whatever value you put in here except 0, the system will assume that the previous amount of work has already been done and it'll start evaluating your goal accordingly. For example, if your starting value is 11%, the system will assume that 10% or 1/10th of the work has been already done.

Step 7: Objective

You can align your Goal with any company objective or sub-objectives through the “Objectives” pop-up. Only managers have the access to creating new objectives.

Step 8: Description

This is where you add a detailed description of the Goal or Key Result you wish to achieve. 

Step 9: Owner(s)

You have the option to add multiple owners to a Goal.

Step 10: Collaborator(s)

You have the option to add multiple collaborators to a Goal.

Step 11: Start on & due by

Ideally, the day you’re creating your Goal is what your default Start date will be, but you have the option to modify it as per your wish. Your due date will be the one by when you need to complete your Goal.

Here’s a GIF of the Goal creation process.

Goal creation process on Mesh
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