Engagement Settings

Engagement Drivers

Engagement drivers are similar to competencies, with the difference being drivers are used to measure employee engagement within organizations and among other things, indicate the likelihood of employees leaving the organization. 

The 4 types of engagement drivers present on the Mesh dashboard are,

  • eNPS (for employees)
  • mNPS (for managers)
  • Engagement driver
  • Overall engagement

Creating the engagement drivers is also very easy. All you need to do is click on the “Create New Driver” blue button and name the engagement driver, define the type of the driver and specify the description of the driver. Once done, hit the green checkmark button to complete the process. 

Question Bank

The question bank section of the Engagement module isn’t any different from that of Performance Reviews. The only difference between the two being in case of the latter, you will have to choose a driver from the ones that you’d have already created as described above.

Engagement Templates

The engagement templates section is again very much similar to that of the Manager 1:1s with practically no difference between the process of adding questions (described above) to the templates. 

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