Engagement Surveys

For creating engagement surveys for your organization, the first step is to go to Me >> Settings >> Engagement >> Engagement Surveys. Once here, click on the blue “Create New Survey” button at the top right corner to begin the survey creation process.

Here, you’ll find a list of all the surveys ever created and option to search through them via name, driver and status of the surveys.

Step 1: Name the survey and then select the engagement drivers you wish to add from the list below. Then choose between an Org chart survey type (the default option) or an Event based survey type. 

Step 2: In the next screen, you’ll be required to select the participants for the survey which you can do by either selecting one of the previously-made cohorts or by uploading an employees list. Via cohorts, you also have the option to create a new cohort and then use it here.

Step 3: Next, select a template which you’d have previously created via the Engagement Template section in settings. Here not only you can search through the list of the templates but also search via the template creator’s name.

Step 4: The next section involves putting in place the configuration settings of the survey which consist of deciding on the survey date, if you want to record the employee’s names (employee privacy) and if you wish to share the survey results with everyone (analytics deliverables). 

Step 5: Next, given that not everyone will fill the survey at the first instant, you need to set the survey email reminders for them, which is what the next section helps with. You can set any number of reminders and configure the timeline for each of them. Additionally, you can also choose to send the reminder to the participant or their manager.

Step 6: This is just a validation section to ensure that all the employees you wish to be part of the survey have a well-defined manager, department and grade. And this is how your screen should look with “0 employees” if everyone has defined managers, departments and grades.

Step 7: This is the final summary section for you to check if all the previous sections have been set up the way you wanted them to, with the option to always go back to rectify if anything is amiss here. Once everything looks fine, click on the blue “Create Survey” button at the bottom right corner to finish the survey completion process.

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