Writing Reviews for your Team Members

Once you’ve been selected by the admin/ your manager to take part in a review cycle, it will appear under the “Pending Reviews” section under the “Reviews” module. Alongside your name, you’ll also see the review type (self, peer, etc), name of the review cycle and the due date for each one of them.

The process of writing the review is fairly simple. To begin, hit “start” to open the review window where you’ll be required to answer a bunch of (mostly) subjective questions bucketed into 3 categories,

  • Goal Review
  • Competency Review
  • Overall Questions

One thing to note is that the type of review does not really change the review process and it remains constant even irrespective of the reviewer’s role in the company. Here’s a small gif detailing the review process.

For a detailed understanding of the three categories and the review process, refer to Writing Self Reviews.

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