Giving & Receiving Feedback

On Mesh, there are 3 ways to give feedback.

  1. Social Feed

    On your Mesh dashboard, the social feed a.k.a. Home is the first screen you’re greeted with. This is where the company-wide activities will be visible and the place to do a bunch of things, including giving feedback.

    All you need to do is click on the status bar at the top of the screen which will open a pop-up box. Here, you can share team wins, recognize your colleagues or even post generic updates, tagging the person and competency to let everyone know about the person. In addition, you can also add images, GIFs, smileys as well as toggle the visibility of your feedback to public or private.
  1. Goals Panel

    A second way to give feedback is via Goals Panel under the Mesh list. Once inside the panel, scroll to the bottom of it to the comments section to see all the feedback given to an employee by their manager. Here as well, you’ll have all the aforementioned options to go with your feedback and once done, they will also appear in the social feed.

  1. Slack

    You can also request feedback from your peers and manager via slack, if it has been enabled for your organization. All you need to do is use the command /mesh help and hit enter. An automated message from Mesh will open outlining 3 options,

            • Share Applause
            • Request Feedback
            • Goals

    Click on Request Feedback and then fill out the form outlining the user, the feedback and the privacy option, and hit submit.

Checkout the article on using Slack with Mesh for more information on the integration.

All the feedback that an employee receives along with its evaluation in correspondence with the competencies can be seen under the feedback analytics.

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