Goals/ OKRs Check-ins

The two handy ways of doing OKR Management are,

  • Review Meetings/ Stand-ups
  • Check-ins

They’re an easy and quick way for both employees and their respective managers to have more structured conversations around Goal progress, roadblocks, sharing feedback, objectives, etc. While there’s no procedural difference between the two as per the Mesh dashboard, the major difference lies in their frequency and structure. 

Review meetings are usually done on a bi-weekly or monthly basis and often involve the entire team. Check-ins, on the other hand, are more frequent, often carried out daily/ weekly, and are mostly done on a 1:1 basis. When it comes to visibility, check-ins can be viewed by the managers of the respective employees as well as the employee’s team members and collaborators.

Once inside the Team Hub section, there are 6 different ways to sort through your Tasks and Goals.

  1. Show sub-task/ Objective - Since Tasks have the option to have sub-tasks added to them, one can choose to view or switch off the sub-tasks under Tasks in the Team Hub. However, if you're in the Goals section, this option changes to Objective, where you can not only select Objectives but also create new Objectives and sub-objectives.
  2. Employee Name - Choose an employee to view their Tasks and Goals as well as any other Tasks and Goals that they're collaborating on. Only  employees that have been added in the selected Team Hub will be visible in the drop-down.
  3. Last Activity - To filter all the Goals and Tasks that have been worked upon within the selected timeframe.
  4. Tags/ Primary Pod - Every Task created has an option to be tagged with appropriate tags for easy filtering which can be used here under the Tasks section, however, if you're in Goals, this changes to Primary Pod which can help you switch between different teams.
  5. Sort by - This forms a lot more options to sort through your Goals and Tasks including Progress, Status, Due Date, Goal Name, among others.

Finally, sorting can also be done through the Progress Cards where you can segment your Goals and Tasks on the basis of their progress parameters which are,

  • On-Track
  • Off-Track
  • At-Risk
  • Closed

Let’s now have a look at how to go about doing your OKR check-ins or review meetings.

Step 1: Go to your Team Hub (make sure it’s the correct team) and navigate to the Goals section from the top right corner of the screen.

Step 2: Scroll down to find cards dedicated to each of your team members, in the default Card View. These cards house all the Goals of your respective employees.

Step 3: Click on any of the Goal progress filters to sort the Goals as per their current progress, to focus on, say, the lagging ones. This is usually helpful when sifting through multiple Goals in a lesser time.

These cards are also helpful in keeping a tab on all of your employees’ Goals as well as updating the Goals, without expanding them.

Check-ins are also possible through the List view, the only difference being that clicking on a Goal here will bring up the original Goal panel, from where the updating can be done. From the List View, both managers and employees can also modify the Goal objectives, change owners/ collaborators and make changes to the Goal name, if required.

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