Managing Employee Master on Mesh

Adding a new employee or a database of new employees on Mesh is a simple 2-minute process. 

Step 1: Go to “settings” under “Me”. On the side panel, click on “Platform” and then “Employee Details” from the dropdown.
Step 2: Click on the blue “Add Employee” button. This will open a new side-panel where all the mandatory employee information such as first name, last name, email, manager email (from the dropdown), access (team member or admin) is to be filled in. 

Step 3: Finally, click on the “send invite email” checkbox to send an email to the respective employee to sign-up on Mesh.

Step 4: In case of bulk upload of employees, click on the blue “Bulk Upload” button, upload a CSV file containing all the employee data (you can download a sample from the same screen) and just like before, choose to send an email invite to everyone.

Additionally, if you just want to update certain information fields of a group of employees, you can again upload a CSV file  in the said format with the new information and the same will get superseded throughout.

Note: Currently, we do not allow the change of employee email id once it’s uploaded on the platform, as these are used to uniquely identify individuals. In case you've updated erroneous emails, please reach out to Mesh’s customer success team to get those corrected. Make sure actual emails are added on Mesh, and not email aliases. (Aliases are not supported for SSO / Google login integrations)

Also, in case you wish to delete an employee, simply click on the three dots at the right side of an employee row to get the delete option in the dropdown.

Note: Deleting an employee will deactivate all their active information, so be cautious about which employees you're deleting from the system. In case you delete an employee by mistake, you can reach out to Mesh’s customer success team for reviving a deleted employee.

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