My Preferences & Settings

The My Preferences section inside 1:1 settings is from where managers can configure 1:1 meetings with their direct reports. 

The way to create new 1:1s is, 

Step 1: Click on the blue “Create New 1:1” tab on the top right corner of the section. 

Step 2: This will bring up a right-sided window where you need to search for the employee you wish to conduct the 1:1 for and hit “Add”.

Once done, you’ll get redirected to the 1:1 screen where you’ll see all your scheduled 1:1s, along with the time, day/ date and template. 

Step 3: Click on any of your scheduled 1:1s to edit the frequency of the meetings, schedule, timing and duration of these.


There are only two small things inside the 1:1 settings.

  1. Frequency (of 1:1s in your organization)
  2. Default Template (for your organization)

As an admin, you can specify an organization-wide default frequency of 1:1s and template that the managers will have to adhere to for conducting their own 1:1s. This same frequency and template will then appear inside the above My Schedule section for every scheduled 1:1s.

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