Nominating Peers for Feedback

On Mesh, once an admin or the process owner completes setting up of a review cycle, the employees taking part in the review cycle will receive a notification to nominate peers (to give reviews) for themselves. The process is pretty simple with the only catch being, the final authorization of which of your nominations can actually take part in your review cycle lies at the hands of your manager. 

Before getting into the process, please remember that based on the conditions set by your admin/ process owner while designing the review cycle, you could be limited to whom you can nominate and how many.

Step 1: On the Mesh dashboard, go to Review and scroll down to the Active Reviews section. 

Step 2: Here, you’ll find the Review cycle you’ve been invited to take part in, next to which there will be an option called “Nominate”.

Step 3: Clicking on nominate will open a window where you’ll find three groups - Internal Clients, Peer & All Org, from where you can nominate peers, along with a “Recommended Peers” section based on your interactions on the Mesh dashboard.

Here’s how the whole process works.

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