Notification Settings

The notification settings allows users to get notified on all the updates around the various modules of Mesh (Goals, Tasks, Reviews, 1:1s and Feedback). You can find this under Me >> Settings >> Notifications.

This usually falls under two categories,

  • When the due date is approaching for a particular goal/ task for which you’re the owner/ collaborator
  • When there’s an update to a goal/ task for which you’re the owner/ collaborator (adding collaborator, shelving a task, changing the due date, etc)

The notifications setting helps in ensuring that users don’t miss out on important updates as described above. And the way this would work for the two types of personas on Mesh is,

  • Employees (Direct reports + Managers) - Can override the organisation settings with personal preferences and can reset back to organisation settings.
  • Admins - Can set the organisation-wide settings.

Notification Channels

Currently, there are 4 different channels on which you can be notified of the updates and the control of your channel preferences lies in your hands. The channels are,

  • Bell
  • Email
  • Slack
  • Mobile App

With the added functionality of being able to get notified on email, we’re eliminating the mandate of needing the users to login everytime to check these notifications. On top of that, this also eliminates the manual intimations/ confirmations often required to be conveyed by both managers and their direct reports to each other.

The best thing about the feature, however, is that the end to end control of the notifications lies with you and your organization. This includes,

  • What do you wish to be notified about
  • Which type of notifications you wish to receive, and
  • What all channels do you wish to receive notifications on

With a simple toggle users would be able to enable/ disable their selections within all the 3 aforementioned areas.

Types of Notifications

Currently, you’ll only be able to see runtime notification options. We’ll be releasing a few more notification types in subsequent releases. 

Runtime notifications refer to the major updates on the platform that users are required to know, in real time. Another way to look at runtime notification events is those updates that can affect how you’re planning your workday.

Following are the events for which you can enable runtime notifications along with who all will get notified for the respective event.

Note: This feature is still in beta and we'd love to have some feedback on it.

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