Objective Setting

One of the most important aspects of Goal setting on Mesh is the ability to tag them to the Objectives. By way of these Objectives, the leadership team can define their broad-level targets and direction for the company, enabling everyone to have a clear picture of the company’s medium to long-term goals. 

And this is where the “Objective Setting” part by the Admins come in.

Once the admins or process owners set the larger company Objectives, it’s easier for the managers, department heads and team leaders to cascade their team-wise Objectives under the larger ones. 

Let’s look at the steps for creating Objectives and sub objectives on Mesh.

Step 1: On the Mesh dashboard, go to “settings” under “Me” and click on Goals from the left-hand panel.

Step 2: Go to Objectives, where you’ll see a list of all the objectives (if someone from your organization has already created some).

Step 3: Click on “+ Create new Objective” at the bottom of this list. You’ll be asked to enter an Objective name denoted by “# tag”, along with its description.

Step 4: Once done click on the green checkmark at the right-hand side of this to complete the Objective creation process.

Step 5: Once an Objective is created, you can further create sub objectives under each one of them by clicking on the blue arrow, which will open a dropdown with a CTA “+ Create sub objective”.

Step 6: For modifying any Objective/ sub objective, simply click on any of them, edit it and upon completion, again click the green checkmark.

Step 7: For deleting an Objective or sub objective, simply click on the bin icon at the right-hand side of the Objectives/ sub objectives.

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