Question Bank

On your Mesh dashboard, Question Bank acts as the centralized location for all your review cycle questions. These are easily available to be used and reused in your review cycles, the results from which can then be mapped out under the Analytics section of reviews. 

You can locate the Question Bank by going to Me > Settings > Reviews > Question Bank

Once here, you’ll see the screen divided into, 

  • Your Questions - Ones that you create
  • Sample - Ones that are pre-built on Mesh
  • Archived - Ones that you wish to archive for later use out of the questions you have created

Here, you can also search through all the questions by typing in the question name in the search box, via the answer type or the question type dropdown. 

To create your first question, click on the blue “Create Question” tab on the top right corner of the section. This will open a window from the right-hand side of the screen. In here, type your question and choose an answer type from the two available options of either comments or emoji.

While there’s no further change in case of “comments”, choosing “emojis” will require you to also specify a maximum value for the emojis. You can see a preview of the answer type and once everything is fine, hit on save.

Here’s a small gif detailing the process.

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