Review Calibration

Calibration refers to the topmost level in a review cycle where after the employees are done with their reviews, the managers and admins can calibrate the overly positive/ negative reviews as per the company-wide performance. This ensures that the reviews are fair and meet a consistent set of standards.

Now there are two parts to review calibration,

  • Performance Grid

    Before a review cycle even starts, it’s the job of the admins to prepare this performance grid. This includes naming the blocks as well as defining the ranges for both Potential (Y-axis) and Performance (X-axis).

    Once an employee’s reviews are done and rating is finalized, they will be graded into one of the nine blocks, as per the performance and potential rating assigned to them. You can click on an employee to look at their details and can even click on the icon on the top right corner to view their detailed performance feedback as shown above.

  • Ratings 

    Every employee who took part in the review will be listed here along with separate columns for their promotion status, standing in the performance grid, their self rating and their manager rating (aggregate of manager’s goal and competency ratings). And the system will notify you if their ratings have been calibrated.

    Now, as a manager, you have the power to decide on whether you wish to promote a certain employee or not. Simply click the performance column corresponding to the said employee and choose from one of Promoted, No Change and PIP. Additionally, you could also provide a reason for your decision in case you want, and hit apply.

But the most important part is the calibration of ratings. And on Mesh, there are two ways to calibrate an employee's position on the performance grid.

  1. Manager Ratings

    This involves all the three columns of the Manager's Goal Rating, Competency Rating and QnA Rating and the corresponding rating for an employee can be changed by clicking on any of the three columns. Changing the rating here will also update the overall rating assigned to the employee.
  2. Performance Grid

    An easier and more direct way to calibrate ratings is to simply place the employee into a different block from their current block by clicking on their corresponding performance grid column. For example, in the image below, Chen Ye has been initially ranked as a star but if you think core player is a better attribute for her, you can update that by simply clicking on the orange block.

Once you're done with your calibration process, you'll see a "Mark Calibration Complete" box at the bottom. Check it and hit confirm and again click on "Complete Calibration" to finalise your calibration process.

Finally, in order to view an individual’s detailed performance feedback, click on their name to be redirected to the detailed feedback panel, which consists of the average rating for the employee, a spider chart showcasing the areas of strengths and weaknesses and the detailed answers received, as shown here in accessing reviews and summary.

And finally, if you wish to download this data of reviews of all the employees in a given cohort, click on the download button at the top right corner of the screen.

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