Review Goals/ OKRs Progress via Individuals

In this, we’ll cover reviewing Goals/ OKRs of the cohorts via Individual grouping.

Looking at the 3 sections under this, 

1. Graphical interface

The interface in this plots two different graphs - People vs Progress and People vs Check-ins, switched via the toggle button on the top right corner. 

The People vs Progress graph showcases the total number of employees who have reached X% of mean progress on all of their Goals combined while the People vs Check-ins graph showcases the number of people who have done X amount of Check-ins.

2. Individual Performance (Performers & Laggards)

This part showcases the top or the bottom 3 performers with respect to their Goal completion, basis the cohort you’ve selected. In addition, this will also show the total number of Check-ins done and the corresponding progress. 


On Mesh, since Check-ins is how a Goal progress is marked, for the laggards, you’ll see the time that has elapsed for them since their last Check-in as opposed to Goal progress.

3. Employee Check-in Progress

The final section highlights the last Check-in date, total Goal progress and Goals’ status for every employee in the selected cohort. Apart from that, hovering over any of the employee will not only give you a direct email access to them but will also provide with a few other details such as,

  • Respective manager
  • Designation
  • Team the person belongs to
  • Location
  • Employee’s profile

Clicking on any of the employees will take you further into a more detailed view, highlighting Check-ins, Goal status and all the Goals along with their respective Objectives, last Check-ins, Collaborators and Progress, over a predefined time period.

As always, a Goal owner can modify their Goals from this window as well by clicking on any of the Goals.

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