Review Goals/ OKRs Progress via Objectives

After creation of cohorts, the next activity is evaluating the performance of all the members of the selected cohort either on the basis of the Objectives their Goals are aligned to or individually. 

We’ll look at reviewing Goals/ OKRs of the cohorts via Objectives here.

This section is divided into 3 parts,

1. Graphical interface

The graphical interface is an easy way to keep a track on the progress levels of the Objectives and the number of check-ins that have been made by employees for each Objective. 

Every employee Goal is tagged to one of the company Objectives set by the admins/ leadership team, which serve as the guiding light for the company moving forward. Hence, for the fulfilment of these Objectives, it becomes important that all the Goals tagged under them continue to move forward as well. And since a top-down view can only show the Goals and not their respective duration for accomplishment, check-ins help in signifying a consistent progress. 

2. Goal progress

The Progress part is focused on Goals (and not Objectives) and shows you both the maximum and the minimum progress for the top (or bottom) 3 Goals. The minimum progress can be checked by toggling to the downward arrow in the top right corner of the above screen. On top of this, clicking on any of the Goals will also open the main Goal window, from where you can check the detailed progress of the Goal and even edit any of this information. 

3. Objectives status

This section lists all your company-wide Objectives along with their status, progress and last check-ins.

Additionally, you can also expand these Objectives to look at their Sub-objectives and can go all the way down to the Goals under each of them and their progress.

Clicking on any of the core Objectives will take you further inside, showcasing, quarterly (or as you wish) progress of the Objective vs total check-ins, status of all the Goals inside the said Objective and details of every single Goal such as last check-in, Goal owner and progress. Clicking on these Goals will again open the detailed Goal panel for each of them.

Here’s how it works,

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