Review Status

The insights section of Reviews outlines in detail about the progress of a review cycle and the individual as well as cumulative ratings for every individual. Furthermore, this is also where you’ll find the review calibration process once the reviews start coming in.

After selecting the correct cohort and the right review cycle as your source, the first thing you’ll notice is the review statistics.

This section will show you the number of submitted, ongoing and nominated reviews for everyone tasked to take part in a particular review cycle - self, peer, upward as well as manager. But not all the review cycles will have all the four parts and it will depend on how a particular review cycle has been set up by the admin. 

Switching to the graphical interface will also showcase the respective average rating and its rating distribution for each of the four groups of participants.

Scrolling down, you’ll come across everyone who has been invited to participate in the selected review cycle and their submission status corresponding to the type of review they’ve been invited for. Now, there are a few different symbols used here signifying different review statuses.

For both the peer and upward reviews, once they’re completed, you can click on the average rating to get a break-up of the individual rating assigned by individual peers and employees. 

Next, hovering over an individual’s name would open a small pop-up outlining their manager, team, designation and location. 

And in order to view an individual’s detailed performance feedback, click on their name to be redirected to the detailed feedback panel, which consists of the average rating for the employee, a spider chart showcasing the areas of strengths and weaknesses and the detailed answers received, as shown here in accessing reviews and summary.

And finally, if you wish to download this data of reviews of all the employees in a given cohort, click on the download button at the top right corner of the screen.

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