Salesforce Integration with Mesh

With Mesh <> Salesforce integration, any progress you make in Salesforce would automatically update your key results and opportunities in Mesh. 

Integrating Mesh with Salesforce allows employees to stay on top of all their deliverables and progress with Salesforce. Any update made to opportunities on Salesforce gets automatically reflected on the Mesh dashboard, from where, a manager can not only keep a track of the progress of these opportunities but also share timely and relevant feedback right from their Mesh dashboards, in real-time.

Now, to begin with the integration, follow the below steps.

Step 1: Go to your Mesh dashboard settings under “Me”. From the left-sided panel, go to Plugins << Salesforce. Click on “Install App”.

Step 2: This will take you to your Salesforce account. Login with your username and password, and on the next screen hit “Allow”. 

Step 3: Repeat steps 1 and 2, this time for “Authorize” from the Mesh Salesforce plugin screen.

Step 4: Once done, head back to your Salesforce plugin page on Mesh. You’ll notice Salesforce has both been installed and authorized for your Mesh account.

Step 5: Go to your Mesh dashboard homepage and on the Mesh list (right-side panel), click on goals. (You should have already setup some goals to fetch their progress from Jira)


Step 6: Click on any of your goals to expand it. Then scroll down to “Tracking” and select “Salesforce” from the drop-down. 

Step 7: In the next screen, enter a tracking name (could be anything) and in the dropdown, select from a list of predefined or custom queries, you wish to start tracking progress for.

Step 8: Once done, any update to the progress of important metrics on Salesforce, will get reflected on your Mesh dashboard, for the said opportunities.

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