Task Tags

Task Tags on Mesh are unique markers to help you track specific projects, sprints, and initiatives across the organisation or within specific teams. For example, if your sales & marketing teams are running a GTM campaign for only the Unicorn clients, you can set up a task tag #UnicornGtmProject and anyone who works on any task related to this campaign, can tag their tasks with this task tag. 

To look for all tasks currently live for such a project, simply search for the task tag in the search bar and all the tasks will be visible in the team hub view. Alternatively, you can also go to Team Hub, toggle to “Tasks” in the top right corner and select one or more Tags from the “# Tags” dropdown to populate a list of all the tasks tagged under the selected Task Tag.

Let’s look at the steps for creating company-wide Task Tags on Mesh.

Step 1: On the Mesh dashboard, go to “settings” under “Me” and click on Tasks from the left-hand panel.

Step 2: Go to Task Tags, where you’ll see a list of all the Task Tags (if someone from your organization has already created some).

Step 3: Click on “+ Create new task tag” at the bottom of this list. You’ll be asked to enter a task tag name denoted by “# tag”, along with its description.

Step 4: Once done click on the green checkmark at the right-hand side of this to complete the task tag creation process.

For department/ team-wide Task Tags creation,

Step 1: On the Mesh dashboard, go to “settings” under “Me” and click on Platform from the left-hand panel.

Step 2: Now, depending on the team you wish to create these Task Tags for, select from either of Teams, My Pods or Other Pods. There should already be some team/ pod names under these options.

Step 3: Here, you’ll see the option to create your first Task Tag (if none has been created yet) by clicking on the “+” button under Mesh Tags.

Step 4: Once done, a green checkmark at the bottom of the Task Tag will denote that it’s activated. To deactivate, click again on the same green checkmark and to edit the Tag, click on its name.

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