Understanding Engagement Module

The Engagement module of your Mesh dashboard is where employees can find surveys related to any part of their job (such as an NPS survey) or even generic ones such as for ensuring their mental well-being. These surveys are created via the engagement survey section in settings and employees are required to answer the questions in these surveys to ensure their growth and professional development.

The module consists of two sections - Active Surveys and Submitted Surveys.

The surveys created under the Engagement Surveys menu under settings appear under the active surveys section, if you’ve been asked to fill one by an admin/ manager. Beside every survey there will be columns of drivers assigned to every survey, their respective due dates and “Start” button. Once you start a survey and for any reason you had to pause it midway, you can come back to the same screen and will find a “Continue” button beside the same survey. 

The surveys can consist of any number of questions with three different answer types,

  • Emojis
  • Score (number)
  • Options (multiple choice textual)

And every option (emojis or otherwise) is attributed a defined meaning/ description visible only to the survey creator or managers. Along with this, you might also be mandatorily asked to add comments to all your answers as per the survey creator.

As you go about completing the survey, a progress bar at the bottom left corner will notify you of your progress along with the number of questions remaining to answer. Once done, check the submission box at the bottom right corner and hit submit.

The second section, i.e., submitted surveys, is where all your completed surveys will be found. 

You can click on “View Result” for any survey to check your responses. 

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