Understanding Feedback Analytics

Similar to how you can analyse the performance of your employees on the basis of how well they’re aligned with the company objectives, you can also evaluate how well your employees are aligned to the company’s core competencies via the feedback analytics.

If you’ve been using Mesh from some time, you’ll know that the first step to analysing the behaviour of your employees on Mesh is selecting a cohort. Basis the cohort, you’ll see the data here split across,

  • The Bar Graph

    The overall progress made on any competency is only determined when an employee receives a mention of that particular competency on either public or private feedback from their manager. Hence, the graph plots the progress percentage of all the competencies with respect to the number of feedback individual competencies have received.

  • Maximum/ Minimum Growth

    This simple table at the right side showcases the top/ bottom 3 competencies with the most/ least amount of progress, again basis the number of feedback every competency has attracted. Similar to the above graph, even this section will show you the progress and the corresponding number of feedback.

  • Competency Table

    The competency table lists down all the competencies that have been created for your organization and outlines the corresponding score of each one, in addition to the public, private and overall number of feedback received for each of them.Clicking on any of them will offer you a deep dive into its performance via the graph, the highest/ lowest rated employees on that competency and the overall association (given/ received) of everyone with the said competency.

    Finally, clicking on any employee inside this will open another right-sided window highlighting all the feedback received by the employee and the details of the feedback giver. 
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