Understanding Goals/ OKRs

Before getting to creation of Goals, we'll have a look at a couple of the more common questions about goals.

  1. Who can create Goals?

    Since there’s no distinction between the types of Goals that can be created in Mesh, anyone can create them - you as an employee, your manager or the OKR process owners/ HR Admins. Apart from this, your manager and the process owners also have the option of setting company objectives, to which all goals need to be assigned.
  2. Who can view or modify Goals/ OKRs?

    -> Goal owners
    -> Team members as well as the manager can view goals either through the Team Hub or by going to the respective employee’s profile. However, modification of goals can be done by the manager only.
    -> Anyone assigned as the collaborator on a specific goal
    -> Process owners such as your company’s HR or admin team

    Updating the progress status of Goals (On-Track, Off-Track & At-Risk) and adding collaborators to it, can be done without even opening the Goals panel.

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