Understanding Privacy & Weightage of Goals in Mesh

It’s great to be able to give positive feedback or applaud someone for their work, in public, to help the entire company recognize their efforts. However, commenting in public is not something we’d prefer while giving constructive feedback or say, while asking for work updates. 

And that’s where Mesh provides a differentiation with other platforms.

Understanding Mesh’s Privacy Settings

On the Mesh dashboard, there are two ways for giving feedback/ employee recognition.

  1. Via the feed on the Mesh homepage
  1. Via the Tasks & Goals panel on the Mesh list

But the privacy settings for both the methods are identical. While writing a comment all you need to do is click on the grey globe icon at the bottom. By default, it’s set to “public” and once it’s clicked, the globe icon will change to a lock icon (as shown below), indicating “private” commenting. This way the comment will be visible to only the person tagged with the comment.

Understanding Goal Weightage in Mesh

Goal weightage in Mesh is a great way to prioritise among your Goals by assigning different importance levels to each of them. For example, you’ve been assigned 4 tasks in this quarter. But not all of these tasks will hold equal importance. Hence, on the basis of how important they are (and irrespective of the time they’d take to be achieved), you can assign different weightage to your Goals.

Here’s how to apply weightage for every Goal.

It is to be noted that the total weightage applied to all your Goals together should amount to 100%.

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