Writing Reviews for your Direct Reports

Once an admin has earmarked you as a reviewer for your direct reports in the upcoming review cycle, it will appear in the review module of the dashboard under Active Review. Other details include review type (most likely manager review), review cycle name and the deadline for its completion.

In the below example, Mark Clarke is the reportee for whom his manager needs to complete her review (titled manager review) by hitting on “Continue".

Once inside and before starting the review, you’ll see a header section that outlines all the important information about the reviewee. This includes number of goals, number of tasks, recognitions received, strengths (basis the objectives/ competencies) and past 1:1 data with the manager along with any comments. 

The reason behind including all this information under the review screen is to make it easier for the reviewer to give informed and precise feedback to the reviewee, rather than going through multiple sections of the dashboard for checking these things.

Another important feature for helping managers give informed feedback is the panel at the right side of the survey questions. If the reviewee as well as their peers have completed their reviews then those will appear in this panel for the manager to consult.

Please note: Goal Review isn’t a mandatory part of the review process and depends on whether the admin included it during the setup process or not.

Now, the review section is divided into 3 sub-sections,

  • Goal Review

    This section consists of four distinct columns - Goal Name, Progress, Assessment & Comments. The idea is for the reviewer to rate the reviewee’s performance in correspondence to all the goals. The goal name and its latest corresponding progress are automatically pulled in from the system while the reviewer is supposed to fill in the assessment as well as the adjoining comments, if any, outlining the basis of their assessment.

  • Competency Review

    This section consists of the objectives/ competencies already setup by the admin and the reviewer’s job is to rate the reviewee’s proficiency level on each of these competencies. The ratings and what they mean in the proficiency level dropdown are also decided by the admins. Once the reviewer decides on a particular rating for a particular competency, they’ll then be expected to put down a comment, signifying the basis for their assessment.

  • Overall Questions

    This contains the three standard review questions of: Things associate should start doing, Things associate should stop doing and Things associate should continue doing

The reviewer is supposed to give their feedback for all the three questions, put a checkmark on “I agree” and then hit submit.

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