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Google SHeet
Google Doc
Google form
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Messy & unusable
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More time burn than money saved
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No insights or reports
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HR spends hours fixing data
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Can never scale
And Other Performance Management Modules in HRIS
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Boring & clunky interface
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Complicated setup & poor service
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Can’t drive check-ins or 1:1s
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Poor insights & reports
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Only assessment, no development & growth
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And Other Performance Management Tools
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Tool dictates process
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Static reports & offline data massaging
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Limited Support or Extra Charges
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20-30% people use regularly
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Massive change effort for HR to drive usage

Mesh makes 360 assessments a fair, equitable and trustworthy process

We help you move from a clunky and bias-laden process to a data-informed 360 assessment experience. And automate the entire process for HR teams and provide a 100% digital calibration/talent review model to help with talent decisions.

Set up configurable reviews using your own or our templates

Be it goals/competencies/questions,180/360, rating/no-rating; replicate your own approach on Mesh or simply use one of our ready-to-use templates.
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Kill memory-based reviews by referencing check-in and 1:1 data

Relieve people and managers from scratching their heads on what to write by referencing notes in check-ins, 1:1, and continuous feedback in one single window
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Save hours with complete automation and reporting

Provides granular insights and downloadable reports on completion & performance to managers, leaders, and HR team

Say goodbye to spreadsheets with 100% digital calibration

Be it the classic frequency distribution or a 9-box approach, run your calibration sessions with leadership on Mesh
Easy Alignment, Transparency and Collaboration
Combine top-down approach with bottoms-up goal setting to set priorities & clarify expectations across teams. Easily assign owners/collaborators across teams and choose transparency options you are comfortable with.
Simple Progress Tracking and Check-Ins
Have your Goals/OKRs update automatically with Salesforce, JIRA, Zapier integrations and drive continuous check-ins from within Slack or MS Teams.
Flexible Dashboards & Insights
Embibe Goals/OKRs in the way you work by using our dashboards for team meetings/standups and asynchronous progress tracking. Uncover hidden risks by filtering data across functions, grades, job roles, location, and many more.
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Helping you elevate people performance

We actually help you go beyond performance reviews by enabling a culture of ongoing performance conversations in the flow of work and help your people succeed at their career growth. 

Accelerate work & align teams

Create and align everyone on expectations quickly, manage progress towards goals, and check-in on updates and challenges by creating real-time visibility for managers and leaders.

Real-time 360 feedback

Be it positive public praise or helpful constructive feedback, easily share with your colleagues from your email and chat tools and tag relevant competencies.

Timely & personalised coaching conversations

Empower managers to enable individuals with insights on goal progress, competency-based feedback, and smart recommendations on development

Move from memory and gut-based to data-informed reviews

Move away from decades old periodic point-in-time review exercises to contextual data-informed processes, improving fairness, objectivity and transparency

Enable career plans and development with data

Help people connect their personal strengths and aspirations to their work by connecting the development to ongoing performance conversations in the flow of work

Never worry about adding & syncing your employee data to Mesh with one-click HRIS integrations

and more than 50 other HRIS connectors available

Meet people where they are in their everyday work applications

MS Teams
MS Teams

Our customers can't imagine life without

“ is a very powerful tool and its biggest benefit is bringing transparency and visibility to the company. What we at Pipefy most appreciate about Mesh is that it allows us to have a 360 evaluation of our employees very accurately, due to both goal management and performance evaluation being housed under the same tool.”
Cayo Lujan
Corporate Planning, Pipefy
" has truly been a game changing solution for us for managing our people processes. Much of what we used to do before it was not only manual but was inaccurate, time consuming as well as archaic. I love how customizable and easy to use the platform is and the fact that everything on it is so intricately linked with each other."
Rika Hasibuan
HRBP Manager, Kitabisa

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