We can of course do what any Goals/OKR software can do for you

Easy Alignment, Transparency and Collaboration
Combine top-down approach with bottoms-up goal setting to set priorities & clarify expectations across teams. Easily assign owners/collaborators across teams and choose transparency options you are comfortable with.
Simple Progress Tracking and Check-Ins
Have your Goals/OKRs update automatically with Salesforce, JIRA, Zapier integrations and drive continuous check-ins from within Slack or MS Teams.
Flexible Dashboards & Insights
Embibe Goals/OKRs in the way you work by using our dashboards for team meetings/standups and asynchronous progress tracking. Uncover hidden risks by filtering data across functions, grades, job roles, location, and many more.

But mesh can help you with what other software simply can't'

Builds rhythm of conversations

Stop wasting time on decks, docs and sheets. Business/team reviews,  stand ups or 1:1s; mesh.ai helps users get into a habit of conversations with minimal change management & follow-ups

Boosts usage with timely nudges

No more notifications that get ignored. No more chasing people. Contextual data-based nudges by mesh.ai drive next-best actions  like check-ins and feedback sharing.

Enables managers with real-time insights

Don't let managers lose sight of progress. mesh.ai makes insights on  progression, development, and growth available on their fingertips, helping them drive data-based people management

Fuel Your Strategy Execution

By baking in regular 1:1 conversations, continuous feedback on values/competencies, and 360 recognition for rewarding progress.

And that’s not even it. We go the extra mile to ensure your Goals/OKR rollout is successful!

Onboarding & Training
Dedicated Customer Success Manager to help you get started and offer trainings across admin, leadership, and users.
Change Management Support
Access to best practices, communication collateral, and to-do videos from all our implementations.
People Science Advisory
From getting started with leadership sessions to OKRs and Goals toolkits, we give you the best human expertise
Continued Success & Support
Regular business reviews to ensure objectives are met, share product updates, usage recommendations

Meet people where they are in their everyday work applications

MS Teams
MS Teams

Our customers can't imagine life without mesh.ai

“Mesh is a very powerful tool and its biggest benefit is bringing transparency and visibility to the company.”
Cayo Lujan
Corporate Planning, Pipefy
“Mesh has helped us scale OKRs from a small group of leaders using google sheets. We scaled to 3x the number of OKRs and owners in one quarter. Conducting check-ins and reviews now takes half the amount of time.”
COO, Sharechat

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