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Your traditional HR tech stack has long been unbundled!

From a one-size-fits-all to unique and customized solutions, the HR tech stack has come a long way to serve the growth aspirations of hypergrowth, distributed teams

Driven by visible progress and personalized nudges, not process compliance

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Payroll, benefits, performance, recruitment, L&D, etc., have all moved from being categorized as Hr Tech to Work Tech and today supports multiple personas. Why did that happen?

A history of unmet needs & emergence of unique solutions lead to “the great unbundling”

Functions of Applicant Tracking, Learning Management, Human Resources Management, Payroll & Benefits, Performance Management, etc. all witnessed unaddressed needs like custom configurations, higher adoption, seamless workflow, which saw them get unbundled from the traditional all-in-one Hr tool.

Performance Management similarly got unbundled from HRMS to serve modern hypergrowth ambitions

HRMS doing performance management "also", struggled with adoption issues, lacked customization capabilities and preached outdated & opaque processes. Whereas today's organizations need systems that do more than optimize HR processes, scale with growing needs and be customized to meet everyone's differentiated needs. 

The much needed transition from System of records -> System of actions

HRMS-only platforms are traditionally systems of record for storing employee data, payroll management, attendance, etc. Whereas a system of action like Mesh, automates tasks, gives immediate feedback, provides complete goal visibility, as well as analyses everything from an employee development perspective.

Low adoption due to subpar UX and a bloated interface

In the age of clean user interfaces + anytime anywhere accessibility, the clunky form-based interface of most HRMS is uninviting. What companies today look for is lightweight, easy to use software that’s built to optimize adoption and usability.

Deprioritizes development and growth 

PMS modules of HRMS, based on one-off review talks and compensation restrict continuous conversations or real-time feedback for employees. PMS tools, alternatively, enable revisiting and reporting on old conversations via continuous feedback, 1:1s, social praise, and goal updates.

Difficult to unearth intelligent, intuitive & actionable insights

HRMS is primarily a data management tool without real time analytics and reporting capabilities needed by different personas. PMS tools like Mesh however, eliminates the dependency of managers on HR admins for year-round performance data, as everything is easily configurable and accessible.

Mesh solves the most pressing needs of hyper-growth organizations today when it comes to performance reviews, employee engagement and OKR management. And it does all of this far better than any all-in-1 tool not meant for serving unique needs.
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Loved by leaders

Mesh is revolutionizing the way people work and communicate

The performance management module of Mesh is very simple to use and can be adapted to your unique needs. We especially love how different modules are connected to each other and the ease with which calibrations and performance reviews can be conducted on it. The tool helps save us a lot of time in all the administrative work.

Bayudi Ramadani
Organizational Development, Kitabisa
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