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We absolutely inhale Luca's content here at and love his practical and actionable tips for team organisation, communication and people management for leaders at modern hyper-growth organisations.

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Driven by visible progress and personalized nudges, not process compliance

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When it comes to driving practices and habits around:
  • planning
  • goals/OKR alignment
  • running stand-ups & team meetings
  • driving 1:1 conversations

We were very excited to curate a specific package to make it easy for leaders who are looking to drive these practices with their teams.

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A new age performance management platform built for today's workforce

Align goals & OKRs

Transparency that drives ownership and facilitates reviews

Share realtime feedback

Move away from periodic feedback to real time social recognition

Drive coaching conversations

Customize cadence and talking points or share meeting notes and action items for continuity of coaching conversations in 1:1s

Transparent performance reviews

Your performance tools, templates & cycles meet customized configuration.

Track Tasks

The easiest way to manage projects & daily/weekly tasks for distributed teams

Smart analytics

Real time insights at every level to track and nudge the prevalence as well as the quality of goals, 1:1s and reviews

Integrations built for you

Integrate seamlessly into a number of tools andapps you use like Slack, Jira, Darwinbox,MS Teams and more

Result oriented

Transparency that drives ownershipand facilitates reviews

People management made simple

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Why Choose Mesh?

Growing & Thriving Workforce
20%↑ goal achievement, 30%↑ employee
NPS,75%↓ less administrative burden in your
performance management
Easy & Sustained Adoption
UX similar to social media platforms helps your
teams adopt Mesh, collaborate, and self manage it
Fully Customizable Process
Other tools have premade settings. Set up your
unique people process on Mesh instead.
White-Glove Customer Service
We’ll set up configurations for you, manage the
transition of your data, and deliver a custom experience.

Seamless integration

With the tools you love

Mesh has helped us scale OKRs from a small group of leaders using google sheets to entire ShareChat. We scaled to 3x the number of OKRs and owners in one quarter. Conducting check-ins and reviews now takes half the amount of time. The performance review module is great too. Helps drive more transparent assessments.

COO & Co-founder, ShareChat

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