The Perfect 360-degree Feedback Template

Your compass for unlocking untapped potential within your people. Crystallize insights from self-assessments, manager evaluations, and peer inputs into actionable opportunities for development.

What’s inside?

  • An 'Employee profile' sheet to record details of the individual under review (name, designation, department, key responsibilities) and the review cycle
  • Self-Assessment', 'Manager Evaluation', and 'Peer Evaluation' sheets with questions, ratings, and spaces for comments
  • A 'Final Evaluation' sheet with boxes to record various skills of the individual, followed by strengths, areas for improvement, and development opportunities
  • A 'Complete Development Plan' sheet to formulate a career development plan for the individual based on their profile

Who is this meant for?

  • HR administrators looking to streamline the performance evaluation process for all employees and maintain a centralized database of employee evaluations and development plans
  • Organizational Development Specialists seeking to enhance the overall performance and growth of the company, analyze feedback data to identify trends and opportunities for organizational improvement and implement strategic changes based on the insights gained from 360-degree feedback evaluations.

How to use:

  • Train employees and managers for effective use of the 360-degree review template
  • Implement the review and crowdsource honest, unbiased feedback from individuals, managers, and peers.
  • Assess the performance of teams across departments and take key decisions and corrective measures for optimum performance.

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