Quarterly Performance Review Template

A dynamic blend of self-reflection and managerial insights, empowering individuals to assess their journey through the past quarter. With a mix of subjective and objective questions, as well as rating scales, this template ensures a comprehensive, well-balanced evaluation of their performance.

What’s inside?

  • Self Review Questions for the individual to assess how they feel they've performance in the past quarter and record their wins and losses
  • Manager Review Questions to offer a balanced perspective to the performance review and infer feedback as necessary
  • A mix of subjective questions, objective questions, and rating scales to enable a balanced assessment

Who is this meant for?

  • HR Professionals looking to implement a standardized and comprehensive performance review process across the organization to gather valuable insights into employee performance
  • Organizational Development Specialists looking to gain a holistic understanding of the organization's performance, strengths, and areas requiring improvement, drive cultural change, and enhance organizational effectiveness by addressing issues identified in performance reviews.
  • Learning and Development Specialists looking to assess the effectiveness of past training programs, identify skill gaps or areas for improvement within teams or departments, and tailor new learning and development strategies accordingly

How to use:

  • Make a copy of the template by clicking on 'File’ > ’Make a copy'.
  • Train employees, managers, and team leaders to familiarize and prepare them for the performance review.
  • Implement the review and obtain honest, unbiased data from individuals and managers.
  • Assess the performance of teams across departments, make informed decisions, and enable managers to take corrective measures as necessary.

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