The Perfect Talent Review Template

The ultimate tool for HR leaders seeking to unlock their team's full potential. With a sharp focus on individual profiles, competency assessments, industry-standard 9-box grid positioning, and personalized development plans, this template empowers HR leaders to accurately assess talent and make data-driven decisions.

What’s inside?

  • An 'Employee profile' sheet to record details of the individual under review (name, designation, department, key responsibilities) and the review cycle
  • A 'Assessments and Ratings' sheet to rate various competencies of the individual along a scale and space for comments on each competency
  • A '9-box Grid' sheet to assess the individual's position in the industry standard grid for performance and potential
  • A 'Development Plan' sheet to formulate a career development plan for the individual based on their profile

Who is this meant for?

  • HR Professionals looking to conduct comprehensive talent reviews and performance assessments to identify high-potential employees and areas for development
  • Talent Management Specialists looking to evaluate and rank employees in a structured manner using the 9-box grid and identify successors for key roles within the organization.
  • Organizational Development Specialists looking to gain insights into the overall talent landscape within the organization and use data and analysis from talent reviews to inform organizational change and development strategies

How to use:

  • Collaborate with managers to oaccurately assessthe individual's position in the 9-box talent grid.
  • Assess the talent density of your organization and design development plans as necessary.

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