Mesh Remote Work Policy


Mesh’s mission is to change the future of work as we know it. As trusted partners and advisors to organisations worldwide on best people practices, it is a business imperative for us to be a ‘lighthouse company’ - in other words, to practice what we preach. The COVID19 pandemic gave us an opportunity to pause and reflect on what the office could be, and at Mesh, the office is remote.

We firmly believe that in the knowledge economy, work follows where talent is - and not the other way around. This allows us to create a team as diverse as the organisations we serve, and operate in a truly global fashion. Mesh has been a remote company since its inception - and as we grow, we are codifying some of the organisational principles around remote work into our first every remote work policy.

All Mesh employees are encouraged to review the information below to be fully prepared for your remote work journey and be sure to send any comments or questions to Tariq Hazarika from the People & Culture team.

Purpose & Scope

This policy outlines guidelines for employees to work from a location other than our offices. While all roles at Mesh are remote by default, some may require Mesh employees to collaborate in-person at Mesh’s offices. Business needs may dictate some roles to be on-site in the future, and appropriate communication will be released when it happens.

Standards of Behaviour

Remote work does not alter in any way the expectation of professional behaviour from Mesh employees. In fact, in absence of in-person time, it is important to acknowledge that many communication cues can’t be read, or are easy to misinterpret. Please follow these guidelines to navigate remote work better:

  1. Choose a quiet and distraction free work space for yourself
  2. Ensure you have an internet connection with adequate bandwidth for your job role
  3. Ensure you have your video on for all external meetings. For internal meetings, please consult the meeting organiser about expectations for video
  4. Dress professionally for external meetings and ensure adequate grooming standards are adhered to
  5. Communicate proactively with your manager about your deliverables, quality expectations and timelines
  6. Discuss and agree on break-times, flexible timings in advance with your manager in line with business and team needs

Please note that all company-wide policies, and all terms of your employment agreement such as confidentiality, data protection and information security, code of conduct, anti-discrimination/equal opportunity, prevention of sexual harassment, and conflict of interest are applicable to ALL Mesh employees.


All Mesh employees are eligible to work remotely unless explicitly agreed otherwise with your manager.


Mesh uses Slack and email for communication throughout the organisation. Mesh employees are expected to be available via these channels or phone during their respective working hours. We are a distributed team and Mesh employees should be cognisant about time-zone and shift differences, and plan their communication accordingly -with both colleagues and clients.

Company Equipment

Mesh will provide all employees with equipment essential to their duties such as laptops, headsets and cellphones (if applicable). Mesh employees are expected to use company equipment strictly for company projects only. All equipment provided by Mesh must be returned upon request. Employees must,

a. Keep their equipment protected
b. Store equipment in a safe and clean place when not in use
c. Follow all data encryption, protection standards and settings
d. Refrain from downloading suspicious, unauthorised and illegal software

Damage to company equipment will be recovered from the respective Mesh employee.

Security Of Information

Employees are responsible for keeping documents, sensitive business data and other work related materials confidential and secure in their home office location and for preventing any unauthorised request.

Compensation And Benefits

Compensation is determined by the job role and is independent of in-person/remote working arrangements. A benefits plan for all Mesh employees will be rolled out in due course.

Version: 1
Created by: Lokesh Anand
Approved by: Rahul Singh
Date and time: 5/13/2022, 11:00 AM

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