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22% ↑ Goal Achievement

45% ↑ Peer recognition

30% ↑ Employee NPS

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How it works

Performance management that fits the way you work

Mesh helps remote hybrid companies execute their growth plans, in a simple and social way that keeps employees engaged.

Accelerate growth with simplified goals & OKRs

Make progress on goals & OKRs an on-going habit everyone engages in. Rather than a forced, periodic process that one merely complies with.

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Fully configurable performance reviews

Completely configurable approach with intelligent form filling that makes your performance review process so easy and devoid of bias

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Conversations that drive coaching and development

Customise your 1:1 frequency as per your needs and build on past conversations with configurable talking points and action items asynchronously

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Improve engagement with timely recognition

Employees today need more than monetary incentives. they want real time feedback and don't want to wait till the end of the assessment cycle.

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Improve eNPS by understanding your people's experiences in real time

Designed to prioritize every voice, Mesh enables you to configure pulse and engagement survey cadence to your custom needs

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Mesh has helped us scale OKRs from a small group of leaders using google sheets to entire ShareChat. We scaled to 3x the number of OKRs and owners in one quarter. Conducting check-ins and reviews now takes half the amount of time. The performance review module is great too. Helps drive more transparent assessments.

COO & Co-founder, ShareChat
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Mesh has truly been a game changing solution for us for managing our people processes. Much of what we used to do before it was not only manual but was inaccurate, time consuming as well as archaic. I love how customizable and easy to use the platform is and the fact that everything on it is so intricately linked with each other.

Rika Syovia Hasibuan
HRBP Manager
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A secure, scalable and compliant system, we take your data privacy with utmost seriousness
CCPA Compliant
AES 256 Data Encryption
MFA on Infrastructure & Database
Bi-annual Internal Audits
Bi-annual app & infrastructure VAPT
99.9% uptime
DDoS Protection
Firewall, IDS & Antivirus on Infrastructure
Quarterly Access Reviews

Seamless integration

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Loved by leaders

Mesh is revolutionizing the way people work and communicate

Mesh is a very powerful and easy to use tool with a very friendly interface. With Mesh, we were able to connect our entire management model in one tool and it helps us have more clarity on our corporate Goals and how we are achieving them. It possesses a better goal-based performance review module, helping us expand our capabilities on achieving targets, managing action plans and inculcating a culture of recognition in the company.

Lucas Vega
Sr. People Analytics Manager, Rock Content

At Interview Kickstart, all people processes are designed in a very unique way. The Mesh team was truly supportive and understanding of our thought process and met business needs completely.

Soham Mehta
Co-founder, Interview Kickstart

"Mesh saves us lots of time during performance reviews as well as ongoing check-ins. It's highly customizable and user friendly. The rollout was fast and easy, even though our requirements varied from one part of the organization to the other."

Siju Chacko
HR Leader, ShareChat

The performance management module of Mesh is very simple to use and can be adapted to your unique needs. We especially love how different modules are connected to each other and the ease with which calibrations and performance reviews can be conducted on it. The tool helps save us a lot of time in all the administrative work.

Bayudi Ramadani
Organization Development Specialist, Kitabisa

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👩💻Adapt Your Performance Review Playbook for 2023 🧑💻