Performance enablement
platform that helps your people grow!

platform that helps your people grow.

Mesh helps organizations 4x their chances of hitting business goals by improving their high performer density by up to 15%

Only 5%
High performers across the organization
High performers across the organization

What makes us different from other performance management platforms?

Next-Best Action Driven User Experience 

Move away from expecting managers and talent to be quasi-HR experts. Mesh’s relatable social user interface and machine learning-driven next-best action philosophy help you drive continuous check-ins, real-time feedback, and coaching conversations.

Habit Formation via AI Nudges

Don’t let the need for a vast process or guidelines get in your way of improving performance. Mesh delivers contextual nudges to individual contributors and managers leveraging GenAI. This helps build the habit of timely peer, manager, and team check-ins.

Real-Time Insights That Enable Managers

Stop leaving managers in a dark hole of performance and development data for their teams. Mesh combines disjointed data across disparate processes and conversations to deliver insights into managers’ flow of work. This enables them to foresee risks, visualize trends, and recommend development actions with our AI-based insights.

Your Performance Enablement Journey 

Here’s ‘why’ our clients can’t imagine running their process without Mesh
Scale performance practices quicker
Faster implementation than other performance management platforms
Improve the quantum of continuous conversations
Increase in self-driven performance conversations
Enhance the proportion of top performers
Increase in top-performers across teams YoY
Deliver on their business growth goals
Of organizations have experienced consistent achievement of business objectives

100+ knowledge-based organizations already trust us globally to bring their performance enablement vision to life

Mesh has facilitated the concentration and monitoring of data throughout the company. What has impressed me the most is the modules that complement each other, making the lives of leaders and the people team much more accessible.
Juliana Arges
Human Resource Specialist - Rock Content
Mesh's biggest benefit is bringing transparency and visibility to the company. What we at Pipefy most appreciate about Mesh is the fact that we can connect our entire people management model in a single platform.
Cayo Lujan
Cayo Lujan - Corporate Planning Specialist - Pipefy

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