How to Choose a Performance Management System

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Apr 27, 2023
Are you wondering how you should go about choosing your performance management systems? Read on and learn more about it here.

Did you know that 92% of employees said they prefer reviews that were more frequent than once a year? And that nearly 50% said they'd prefer performance reviews weekly?  

Could you benefit from improved employee potential? Then you need to invest in new performance management systems. But where do you start and how do you choose?

Don't worry because you're in the right place. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know to get started optimizing employee performance.

What are performance management systems?

Performance management is the act of monitoring and encouraging optimal employee production. The right system can help your organizational leaders align company goals with employee goals.

You take the time to set strategic company goals. But do your team members know how their actions move the company towards reaching those goals? Create a system that tracks and shows your team real-time data where they can clearly see how setting and reaching personal goals moves the company forward as well.

Gone are the days of annual reviews that nobody pays attention to and aren't moving your company forward. Today's fast-paced business environment requires a continual focus on helping your team reach its goals. All while also moving the company forward in its goals.

With the right system, you can do all this without clunky spreadsheets or paperwork that will get lost on somebody's desk.  

Everyone will be able to see where they stand with reaching their goals. And how their daily activity makes a difference for their organization. In the end, a great system helps your leaders develop and retain talent across your organization.

Benefits of performance management

It's hard to keep your best employees while also focusing on building up future talent. However, with a PM system, you can enjoy these benefits and more. Some of the amazing benefits our clients have seen with their employees include:

  • Buy-in from senior leadership for performance management
  • Gain valuable performance conversations
  • Opens up the conversation more than once a year at annual reviews
  • Accurately measure performance objectives without subjective reviews
  • Improve employee morale and increase retention
  • Provides a foundation of trust between employees and leadership

Too many employees today feel dissatisfied with their jobs. There is too much disconnect between daily activities and reaching company objectives.

Instead, create clear and transparent employee objectives that tie into company goals. Show your team members how they're contributing toward moving your company forward.

Key features of the best performance management tools

In order for your company to grow to the next level, you need to have clear goals and a strategy for accountability and focus. With your system in place, your team can easily see how their daily work aligns with organizational growth.

The right PM software will help everyone see where they stand with their personal OKRs. Your PM system should be able to clearly communicate both company goals and personal implementation.

This allows for system-wide alignment, transparency, and communication. The key features of the best performance management tool include:

  • Data from previous performance reviews
  • Goals for future performance evaluations
  • Plans and processes to reach those goals
  • Key metrics and data in real-time for accomplishing goals
  • Integrates with your current tech stack

The best software will facilitate tracking goals. It should also show real-time and company-wide recognition for reaching those goals. Continuous feedback is a cornerstone for building the right PM system.

As you search for the perfect PM software program for your organization keep in mind these vital features. They will help you better track and reach your key performance indicators.

Tips for choosing the best performance management software program

The first tip we encourage all our customers to adopt is to move away from large, formal annual reviews. Instead, work toward incorporating regular conversations with each of your team members. Help them to track and encourage progress made in reaching their goals.

In addition, each employee's personal goals should align with company goals. And it should be clear how reaching personal goals will move the organization forward.

Second, be sure to fully utilize features available such as:

  • Intuitive dashboards
  • Automated evaluations with real-time data
  • Collaborative reviews with full transparency

Your program should be able to track the metrics you choose on an ongoing basis. Use this information to continually communicate and collaborate with your team.

Today's reviews tend to look more like employee coaching. Use your software program to provide feedback for both employees and their leaders. You can also communicate both expectations as well as encouragement for reaching their goals.

A great software program will have a seamless onboarding system. This will help to encourage employee adoption and implementation. You can track who logs in and how often. This can encourage regular usage with real-time recognition for increased activity levels.

When you highlight employee activity you can encourage those already doing well. And at the same time encouraging those less active.

Choose the best performance management system for your organization today

From peer recognition to goal achievement the right PM software can give you the tools you need to improve employee performance. The right system offers one platform that can track employee achievements. And also build much-needed engagement within your team.

If you're ready to up-level your performance management systems then you need Mesh. This system offers everything you need in one convenient dashboard. You can easily see your team's goals, plans, reviews, and feedback all in one place. Plus it integrates seamlessly with the other tools you already use.

If you're ready to see how you can encourage your team to reach their goals and utilize reviews that actually get results then you need to schedule your free demo of Mesh today.

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