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A work culture that works for you

Mesh takes a human-centered approach to leadership and employee development to transform your company to a place everyone thrives.


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Our Motivation

The future of work is here. It's flexible, distributed and agile. Yet companies are forced to manage employee performance and engagement with generic tools driven by periodic form filling. Our vision is to build a truly employee first platform that encourages self expression, increases self awareness and nudges self management. And we are doing this by combining the power of social media, positive psychology and machine learning.

We help companies put people first

Mesh is on a mission to create a thriving people-first culture across the world at work. We love to see people grow to their full potential at work. Because when people grow, so does business!

What we do

We make performance management loved by all.

How we do this

With Mesh, you can set goals transparently, share
continuous feedback and have insightful coaching conversations.

Our big, audacious goal is to

End the need for traditional performance reviews - for good!

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Our Mission

People spend most of their waking hours at work. We want to make sure these hours are well spent. Our people management platform helps leaders create engaged and high-performing teams. 

By making performance management loved by all, Mesh has built a product that truly enables companies to put people first. We’ve done this by:

  • Connecting self-expression via real-time check-ins, like a consumer app.
  • Reflecting self-awareness through real-time analytics at every level.
  • Growing self-management by way of personalized nudges that build habits.

And we didn’t just stop there. Our world-class technology also offers a wide range of support solutions to help you ace the performance management cycle at your organization. Be it our community of people leaders, blogs on the latest thought leadership, or our knowledge hub that helps you get up to speed with using Mesh, we’re helping you drive performance at every step of the way.

Our Core Values

Our values serve as a guiding light to how we approach everything we do. 

Act with Love

We care deeply about our work and our people. This includes our team members as well as our customers and users.

Nurture Openness

We embrace transparency, open communication and don’t shy away from tough conversations.

Drive Velocity

We bring ideas to life at the speed of light by continuously improving ourselves and applying the lessons we learn along the way.

Think Exponential

We push ourselves to think beyond what exists today and reimagine yesterday’s approach to deliver tenfold the impact.

If you like the way we think and want to help unlock the true potential of the modern workforce, join us

P.S.: We’re an entirely remote organization!

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at Mesh

At Mesh, we believe that diversity—when combined with a focus on building trust, safety, and respect—helps us become more intentional and create a more lasting impact.

Here are some of the ways in which we show support for the humans at Mesh:

  • Representation: We have diverse representation across job levels. 30% of our workforce consists of women.
  • Wellbeing Support: Unlimited flexible time offs and 16 weeks of maternity leave.
  • Inclusive Benefits: Health insurance for everyone. This includes COVID treatments, pre-existing diseases, mental illnesses, and hospitalization expenses.
  • Anti-discrimination policy: We are committed to providing equal opportunities. In our hiring process, we are mindful to mitigate any discrimination based on age, gender, race, ethnic background, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, religious beliefs, or physical ability.
  • Safe and healthy work environment: At Mesh, there is zero tolerance for any kind of harassment. We have a POSH (Prevention of Sexual Harassment) Committee for redressals. There is also a POSH Policy guideline in place that is applicable to all the members of the company including employers and those who are employed on a regular or temporary basis.

Our Leadership

Get to know the people behind Mesh

Rahul Singh


Rahul has 10+ years of experience of growing & scaling companies. Together with Saurabh, he has founded two more SaaS ventures, of which TargetingMantra was acquired by Snapdeal.

Gaurav Chaubey


Gaurav also comes with 10+ years of experience in human capital advisory and has delivered more than 300 performance and engagement projects for companies globally.

Saurabh Nangia

Founder, CEO

Saurabh has over 10 years of experience in technology and has helped companies collect data about their customers and build personalized solutions for them.


Our Investors

Incredible companies and people have invested in us to bring you a product that fits the way you work.

Want to see how we can take your company on the growth journey?

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Benefits at mesh
With our flexible practices and benefits, we aim to give Meshers a world-class benefits experience that allows them to do the best work of their lives.

Here are 9 reasons why you should join the Mesh family:
1. Permanent Remote WorkWork from anywhere, no questions asked!
2. Learning & DevelopmentPersonal development budget of upto INR 10,000 per year
3. Offsite2 annual expenses paid offsites to bring the company together.
4. Unlimited Sick LeavesFor any illness, you get unlimited sick leaves until you can resume work.
5. Plum Health InsuranceFree health insurance coverage for every employee, along with option to cover spouse and children as well.
6. Coaching and Mentoring
Meshers get inside access to attend workshops conducted by experts and world-class coaches.
7. Flexible Working HoursWe focus on output rather than hours worked. Unless you are in a specific time zone and serving customers, you can choose your working hours.
8. WFH Reimbursement PolicyA one-time allowance of upto INR 20,000 for everyone to setup their own work environment in addition to the system of their choice.
9. Shared No-Meeting DaysMeeting fatigue is genuine in a remote-first company. Wednesday is a no-meeting day so you can focus on your work and yourself.
Permissible items for WFH reimbursements
  • Desk (fixed or height adjustable)
  • Desk riser
  • Office chair
  • Monitor
  • Footrest
  • Desk Lamp or lighting for workspace
  • Cable management apparatus
  • Surface-mounted power/UPS
  • Room dividers
  • Mouse
  • Keyboard
  • Webcam
  • Wi-fi Router/Network extender
  • Microphone/headphones
  • USB ports extension
  • Device cleaning kit
  • Whiteboards
  • Blue Light Glasses
With our flexible practices and benefits, we aim to give Meshers a world-class benefits experience that allows them to do the best work of their lives.