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Performance Management Effectiveness Study - 2024

Opportunities & Challenges for Talent Leaders
Driving high performance is not just a trend but a business imperative in 2024. We invite you to take this chance to participate in a global study solely focused on uncovering how organizations are approaching performance management and shaping their priorities in 2024.
⚡ Let your voice resonate to showcase the next wave of innovations in performance management
⚡ Benchmark your performance philosophy and practices to ensure you're focusing on the right areas in the right way
⚡ Elevate your HR game by gaining exclusive early-access to industry trends and best practices

Special giveaways for respondents!

Only following professionals are eligible for submissions and interviews

  • People/talent professionals focused on performance management in their current role
  • Currently working at organizations with minimum 100 full-time employees
  • Have spent a minimum of 3 months in the current organization in their roles
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