Webinar: Build Your 2023 Performance Review Playbook With HR Experts
Why choose Mesh?

One platform for all your employee performance and engagement needs

Driven by visible progress and personalized nudges, not process compliance

We fit how you work.

Easier to configure unique performance management approach and practices.  

Easy and sustained adoption.

Familiar social experience drives better user adoption and greater visibility, which makes performance management more collaborative and drives self management.

Data driven decision making.

Real time insights for data driven decision making at every level. More holistic and accurate assessment of employee performance during reviews.

Superior customer support.

Hand holding in setting up configurations at the time of launch and any subsequent changes to cycles, Dedicated customer success manager, Direct slack channel for swift query resolution
(1 hour response TAT).

Enable your workplace to thrive.

20% higher goal achievement, 30% increase in employee NPS and 75% lower administrative burden in driving continuous performance management practices.

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