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The simplest and fastest way to set goals

Driven by visible progress and personalized nudges, not process compliance

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Goals & OKRs

Driven by visible progress and personalized nudges, not process compliance

Align easily

A simpler way to set goals for everyone

Leaders prioritize company and team objectives visibly. And team members align their own and shared goals or key results collectively.

Nudge progress

Faster execution needs smaller milestones

Execute goals through smaller milestones and initiatives. Employees get visibiity for their on-going efforts and managers can provide timely inputs for course correction.

Drive visibility

Transparency that drives ownership and facilitates reviews

Visualize real time progress across levels, teams and employees. Save time in preparing for review meetings and easily track review outcomes.


Loved by leaders

Mesh is revolutionizing the way people work and communicate

The performance management module of Mesh is very simple to use and can be adapted to your unique needs. We especially love how different modules are connected to each other and the ease with which calibrations and performance reviews can be conducted on it. The tool helps save us a lot of time in all the administrative work.

Bayudi Ramadani
Organizational Development, Kitabisa

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